Construction of conveyors - Metro - New York
Tunnel formwork- Katzenberg
Stell construction- Heineken
Silos  Austria
Tunnel formwork - Leshoto
Tunnel formwork- Gilder Gibe - Ethiopia


Welcome to the home page of Ilmont spol. s.r.o.
Our company is serving local and national customers since 1999, in the area of mechanical engineering. Our products can be found all over the world as parts of devices and equipment of prestigious companies.
Our primary mission is to provide the best products and high-level service to our customers. The key to our success lies in flexibility, following strict quality control policies.
Please enjoy your visit to our website. We invite you to utilize our telephone, fax or e-mail adress to request additional informations.



Mrs. Ildikó Čepregiová
Mr. Milan Čepregi



- Cutting material
- Bending
- Machining
- Welding
- Surface treatment- sand-blasting, varnishing

We are able to produce components of machines, steel constructions, silos, tunnel frameworks and others according to delivered drawing documentation. . In addition to production, we can arrange transportation upon agreement.
The manufacturing process runs in our own production hall with a ground area of 1800 m2. . The hall is also equipped by a crane (capacity range 8t), a traveling crane (2t, 3.5t, 5t,) and forklifts.


List of equipment, machinery

Cutting material:
 - 1x Plasma cutting machine
 - 1x Flame cutting machine
 - 3x Bend saw
 - 4x Hand cutting machine-plasma

 - 3x Press brake (120t, 63t, 200t)
 - 2x Eccentric press (25t, 80t)
 - 1x Bending machine (2000x10)

 - 4x Horizontal milling and boring machine
 - 3x Milling cutter
 - 2x CNC vertical machining centrum
   (1300x600x610mm, 1500x900x850mm)
 - 1x Drill press
 - 1x Slotting machine

 - 40x Semiautomatic welder- argon
 - 1x Semiautomatic welder
 - 1x Welding machine TIG
 - 4x Inverter
Surface treatment
 - 1x Blasting equipment